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Hello again!

I just came back from 2-month trip from Japan~ This was the first time I really had time to see many cities and take loosely during staying in Japan. What a shock it was to return in Finland 'cause of the freezing temperature... In Japan it had been around +10 to +20 C degrees, but now in Finland it was -20 C and snowy. That really felt depressing :'D

So for next few posts I'll be telling you about my time in Japan~

I left to Tokyo at halfway of November and it was all-summer-a-like for me still in there. For first two weeks I stayed in Tokyo. I mostly did some more-or-less serious shopping, but visited in some interesting places as well. For example Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku and pop-up My Little Pony café!

Some orange-pork-salad pancake
Too bad that I was moving around so much that I really don't have that many outfit pics to share... But here is at least one, as I felt like wearing a skirt~

Cardigan:H&M, t-shirt & skirt: SexPot Revenge, accessories: random & gifts from friend.

And I also went to see DADAROMA & CLOWD two-man live in Ikebukuro EDGE. I went there of course to see DADAROMA 'cause I was really curious if they were as good in live as they are on CD. And they really were. The gig was super good, and bands performance was excellent. They played at least 雨のワルツ, MONEY, 愛のリビド, 最終の電車, 溺れる魚 At the end of whole gig the both bands came to the stage and performed one of each's own songs together.

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