After the World vol. 2

Let's continue this story... Warning! Picture heavy text!

So after DADAROMA's live I still had one week to roam around Tokyo. I went too much to cafe's and ate some random cheap foods (Go go Karee ftw!) - and did some random shopping too. Of course I visited in Tochou to see my favorite city by night~

Who wouldn't like to see Shibuya in evening twilight?

View from Tochou

While roaming around I also visited some little shrine - I just love how the shrines are just popping in front of you out of nowhere.The atmosphere was so calm with only some birds making small noise.

Still a day before heading to my next destination Nagoya, I payed a quick visit to Brand X cd-store and spotted DIAURA poster outside the building~ (and my inner fangirl was happy) ^^

For this trip I bought first time in my life JR Rail Pass that makes travelling all around Japan eas and cheap for "gaijin". So, I took a shinkansen to Nagoya. Yes, this was also my first time in shinkansen. Unfortunatey I was sitting wrong side of the train but  I still spotted a magnificent Fuji-san quite near!

As I arrived in Nagoya I was lost for a while - for me it seemed that there are no maps or any clear signs to tell me, where to walk if I want to take the subway to my hostel with super heavy suitcase :'D After I found entrance to the subway & got the ticket and made it to my "home" station Sakae, I was lost again. Whaaaat? I shouldn't have this bad sense of direction! And Sakae stations underground shopping mall also made me somewhat lost.

Well, I realized that there were no enough signs to tell you where to go... and there were definitely no signs to tell you where were the elevator or escalators near your exit. Or anywhere. With Finnish"sisu" I just carried my luggage up the steep stairs and made it easily enough to my hostel.

I didn't stay too long at the hostel, but hurried to see Nagoya Aquarium - that happened to have some private show for some random company and were closing doors as I got there. Disappointed I headed back to Sakae to see Nagoya TV-tower. The weather started to feel really cold in Nagoya.

On next day I visited in Osu Kannon shopping arcade. The place was so huge! As I roamed there headlessly around I managed to spot few really interesting shops and sights. For example Bodylines shop, Violet Blue J-fashion clothing second hand shop (similiar to Closet child) and really cute shop named Alice on Wednesday with all cute Alice in Wonderland related accesories and sweets~

Of course I visited in Osu Kannon temple too. It was quite crowded by pidgeons and humans.

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