After the World vol. 3

So... Temporary break is over again. Let's continue the tale of Japan.

In Nagoya the weather was getting quite cold (and I actually got flu, because one of the dormitory guests couldn't stand heating the room...) so I was happy to continue my way to Osaka.

I left around 09:30 heading towards Nagoya station, somehow the metro was really crowded and I had a hard time to push myself there with my luggage. And I got frustrated 'cause of Nagoya station didn't seem to have any good signs to tell you where to go and where itspossible to find nearest escalators/elevator. It took me about 20 minutes to find one. And yes, I had flu also back then. After finding an elevator to the street level I went to get my shinkansen ticket to Osaka and bought some breakfast.

On my way, in shinkansen

In Osaka the weather felt warmer and people seemed more friendly. The signs in the staions were also clear and everything went well. This was actually my second time in Osaka (I stayed there only 2 days in 2011). My hostel happened to lie in Amemura area, near Shinsaibashi station and it was easy to find my way in there. So, I went to to check-in, left my luggage and went to search some place to eat and just hang-around.


On next morning I went to have my early breakfast in Amemura's Starbucks. I was surprised how easy it was to understand osaka-ben compared to my last visit in Osaka XD I had a good talk with some random staff member of the coffee house. After breakfast I did some serious shopping (D & MEJIBRAY cd's), and few shirts from SexPot Revenge.

Creepy decoration in Big Step

During the week I did a little sightseeing, but also tried to rest because of the flu. The weather stayed reasonably warm and I actually made some super nice friends with the people I met in the hostel. Of course I met some of my old friends too who are actually living near Osaka.

Since I love visiting in tall buildings it was on my must-to-do list to go to the Umeda Sky Building. The day was beautiful and on the roof of the building the weather was really warm!

Heading to Umeda Sky Building

Didn't want to leave so soon from the skyscraper, bought some hot cocoa.

After watching too much Ourobros drama in Finland just before I left for Japan I realized that I haven't actually ever eaten any omuraisu. I fixed this while strolling in Namba. The omuraisu was as good as it seems to be in the drama ^_^

The time went fast in Osaka. I really want to return soon in there again. But, for next I was heading to Fukuoka to meet one of my Finnish friend. One of my dreams was going to become true in there: Iwas going to see Kuroshitsuji Musical in Canal City Theatre.

When the shinkansen arrived to Kyushu the landscape changed dramatically Ghibli-ish! Forests and random mountains every where!


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