After the World vol. 4

I arrived in Fukuoka's main railway station after few hours in shinkansen. I already had some extra excitement while arriving in Shin-Osaka station to get my ticket to the next shinkansen going to Hakata... They said on the ticket counter that there are only "free seats" available (and I had a good amount of luggage with me). So, I needed to go to the platform and keep my fingers crossed for getting a seat... I was lucky and got the seat \m/

... But after arriving in Hakata I was a bit nervous while searching right train to get to the station where me & my friends hostel was. Why I didn't check that yesterday in Osaka... I gave finally a good  guess and was lucky again.

Haha, the station I finally got off the train was super small and resembled me about some school themed anime (Free! or something like that). The platform was barely 1 meter wide! And some random sweet old gentleman greeted me saying "OHAYOU" and was wondering what I was doing there.

Maybe the best view ever!

Later on the night I went to meet my friend who arrived in Fukuoka after her long flight from Finland. We bought some cheap konbini food and spend our time in the hostel.

On next morning we went to see the Canal City shopping centre and theater - also bought some Kuroshitsuji musical merchandise goods while getting our tickets for nights show.

Kuroshitsuji Musical: Chi ni moeru no Rikorisu (Lycoris that blazes the earth) was really something! I saw already the previous version from dvd (and all the previous musicals from earlier years). I was so excited to finally see one of them by my own eyes! I've been fan of Kuroshitsuji for... At least 6 years. The actors, the songs... All was so detailed and beautiful. Characters felt real and they really had some good puns in their lines :'D After the show we also got a possibility to see few of the actors near, waving us "good bye" near the exit.

Poster in the Canal City and merchandise I bought...

While having JR Rail Pass and visiting this far in Japan me and my friend decided to make also a quick visit to Hiroshima. The actually was a free buss to get around the city for Rail Pass holders named "Meipuruupu" (Maple loop). We visited in Peace Memorial park and of course the A-bomb Dome. The feeling was eerie while standing beside the A-bomb Dome. Hiroshima was relatively new-ish city compared for others, but I really liked it. Beside the best known attractions, mountains, maple trees and foods were super beautiful and good in there.

Hiroshima styled okonomiyaki!

After tourist day we retrned back to Hakata station, go some food from konbini and went to spend time to hostel and pack our things for tomorrows early shinkansen back to Tokyo. I liked also Fukuoka and would like to return here to spend few more days doing more sightseeing in the city.

Hakata station had cool Christmas decorations~

Waiting for next shinkansen to Tokyo. There are no straight shinkansen lines from Hakata to Tokyo for JR Rail Pass holders so we got of in Shin-Osaka and changed to other one towards Tokyo.

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