After the World vol. 5

After almost two weeks I was back in Tokyo again. Even though it was nice to go and see finally many other cities in Japan, it felt like coming home when I was stepping out of the shinkansen. But, I headed to Ikebukuro back then with my friend to our hotel for next week. It was actually my first time having accommodation in Ikebukuro area, but it was really convenient!

For first 2-3 days we just hanged around and I tried to cure my flu. But I found these cool black masks to wear and was so happy despait the flu!

Eat all the crepes!

On one especially rainy day I was actually roaming around Ikebukuro and decided to go and see the Game centers and even try one "Nekoatsume" ufo catcher. I happened to get something out first time in my life! And I only tried 3 times. It felt amazing XD

At 11th of December I went to see D's live in Akasaka BLITZ, they had their tour final live back then with announced "special guests" that happened after all to be My Melody and Kitty-chan mascot characters on the stage, making furi with the band. The vocalist ASAGI seemed really excited then and was eager to snap few selfies with the characters ^-^ And for my surprise the weather was suddenly +24 C warm on that day too! It really felt like summer <3

And few days after D's live I had 4 more lives to go - 3 of them just after another. On 16th December I went to see DIAURA in Ebisu Liquidroom. I've seen the band two times before already but this was my first one man live. I've been following the band many years so this also was one of my dream-come-true. The band was actually super good in live and the audience was great too. The live started when their newest pv  [black sheep under the shallow sleep] was shown on big screen, after the pv DIAURA itself appeared to the stage to perform the song.

On 18th December I went to see MEJIBRAY in EX-THEATER ROPPONGI. The place was easy to find, but the concert tickets were "numbered" in funny way and we needed to stand and wait long time in cool wind for doors to open. The live was actually recorded, so there were lots of cameras in the venue. This was also my first one man for this band as well. I saw them in 2014 part of  one event.

And on 20th December I went to see a small visual-kei named MORRIGAN. I just recently found their music during the summer and wanted to see them in live. And they happened to have live in Ikebukuro EDGE. The band was amazing! I'm really looking forward for the future for them. They're actually going to have first one man tour on this year.

Well, I still have something to write... So I will continue my story in next post~

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